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I’m Makeda, entrepreneur, mum, wife & extrovert.

I started this blog to help you navigate the sometimes bumpy road of creating your online presence on social media.  As a former Social Media Assistant, I know how stressful it can be creating awesome content and engaging with your growing audience.  Read more here!

Feast On This! Weekly Social Media Tips

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How to Unfollow Someone on Facebook

Last week I shared about my frustrations as it related to my Facebook connections over posting about their business on their personal profile.  Not gonna rehash it but it's something I have a very strong opinion about.  I even talked about how I started unfollowing...

Excessive Business Posts on Personal Page

I've been feeling so fired up about last week's post that I wanted to keep the conversation going.  I felt like I touched on part of my issue lightly for the sake of the tip.  I didn't want the tip to get lost in the sauce and thought that a separate conversation...

Take Control Of Your Newsfeed

Back on June 9th I posted this as my status.. I wish FB would go back to when their statuses were in chronological order. This current feed is annoying because I see the same 5 statuses all the time! If we're friends on Facebook, maybe you remembered this post.  Or...

Content Planners

No more stress.  No more guesswork. My social media content planners do almost all the work.  All you do is insert content here!

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